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Create ID cards for different industries using DRPU ID Card Maker Application
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2 November 2015

Editor's review

ID Card Designer 3.0 is a pretty handy tool that helps organizations to come up with mind boggling identity cards for their work-force. With this software at their disposal, organizations don`t even require to go to professional card designers, thus saving them on both money and precious time. Perhaps the software was primarily aimed at small to medium scale businesses, at least that is what occurred to us on the first look (may be because of the user interface- but we will come to that later.) However, on a closer look at its various features and functionalities, it became evident that the ID Card Designer has the potential to cater to large scale organizations as well.

To begin with, ID Card Designer 3.0 bring along with it a pretty average looking user interface- something that can be termed as the only drawback the software suffers from. However, it’s not to say that the program has a look that will l repulse you rightaway, but then, neither it is something that you can label as “eye-candy”. However, that’s just the look factor, right? It can be overlooked if the software is truly capable of delivering what it promises. The wide ranges of features that the IDCD 3.0 brings you are pretty awesome and easy to use. It allows you to come up with professional quality ID cards, ID badges, employee badge, membership cards etc with just a few clicks of the mouse- as easy as that! With ID Card Designer, you can insert text, images, barcodes etc and arrange them according to your preference. There are more than a handful of built-in templates as well which you can use to create ID cards, badges etc without even bothering about the designing factor.

So, judging by all these high-end feature, a free of cost availability and an absolute ease of use, ID Card Designer 3.0 receives a score of four rating points on the scale of five for its overall competence.

Publisher's description

Identification cards mostly used in each and every industry. DRPU ID card maker application helps user to generate colorful ID card with various features like add photos, watermark, logo and others. Software provides some unique characteristics that are helpful for user to create and print ID cards.
Some advance features of DRPU ID Card Designing Software are:
* Software provides feature to add logo of their organization or image of any institution.
* User can also use the images that are available in the software by accessing the image library option.
* User can add predefined shapes offered by the software.
* Batch processing is the key feature presented by software. In this user can create batch processing series or import from excel file.
* User can export the created batch processing series data in excel or text file.
* You can add barcodes and signatures of the concerned authority in your card.
* User can add details by using TEXT option and select data source (manual or series).
* Use of watermarks can also be done by the user.
* Different kinds of Templates are available for the user; choose according to your need.
* User can fill up background with different color using the color setting option.
* Software has the option to modify image settings and helps you to change its brightness, contrast and saturation.
ID Card Designer
ID Card Designer
Version 8.3
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